The Six Figure Author 

Calling all aspiring and current authors. Have you ever wondered what the next step is for growing your brand and platform? In the Six Figure Author training I lay out 21 ways that you can take your current book and or message and flip it into a money making machine.

How would you like to make more money by having tiers in your business where you can upsell your clients and or customers into other products and services with multiple income streams?

How would you like to feel better about your mission, knowing that you can help and impact others on a larger scale?

The Six Figure Author will show you how!

Yes, I want in!

Product Details

Do you have a book or a powerful message? Would you like to learn how to successfully flip your book or message into a brand?

In this training you will uncover that there are many ways to take the content of your book, or the context of your message and flip it into multiple streams of income.

So sit back, relax, and have your mind opened to 21 different ways , many you probably have never thought about, of how you can create an entire BRAND from your book or your message.

Tried & Tested!

My name is Shannon Anderson, best selling author, coach, and publisher. I have implemented several of these methods into my own brand and they have been tried and tested!

Many other authors, including well known authors and some of my clients, have also implemented some of these strategies and have gone on to create 6 and 7 figure brands.

Now, it's your turn!

What Others Are Saying

4 stars

This training gave me so many new ideas.

Seriously, I never knew that I could create so much with my book!

- Regina Watson

4 stars

Mind blown!

Just to think that my book is already the blueprint that leads to so many other streams of income was completely mind blowing! If you have a book, you NEED this training!

- Terry Crawford Jr.

4 stars

I'm serving my audience on a larger scale!

I've already implemented some of the steps and I am already seeing major results! My readers are so glad that they get to interact with me in new ways. These tips have helped me to serve my audience more and give them an experience that helps with my overall mission, brand , and bottom line.

- Joseph Perry