$1,497 ( save $200 on all packages for limited time. Price Increasing soon. Ask about payment plans.

* Professional Book Cover Design

* ISBN Registration

*Formatting & Interior Design  

*1 Round of Correction in spelling, grammar, and punctuation

* Publish to Amazon and all online retailers

* Author One Sheet

* 10 Author Copies



Everything in silver and also:

* CopyRight Registration

* 2 rounds of editing in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as developmental editing

* 25 Author Copies

*250 Book Marks

*150 Flyers

* One 30 minute coaching call



Everything in gold as well as:

* Category and keyword lookup

* Best Seller strategy

* 1 one hour coaching call

* licensing of your story to sell to producers, networks, etc



$125 Per hour coaching calls are available. 

* Gain clarity on your message and brand story

* Get acountability to help you reach particular goals

* Sales and marketing strategies

* Assistance with book writing and publishing

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